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Cinelli Lenkerband Flag Italia


Viva Italia! Mehr Liebe zur Heimat des Radrennsports geht nicht. Die Italienische Flagge kombiniert mit dem besten Greifgefühl des original Cinelli Cork Tapes. Mit dabei: 2 passende, verchromte Endstopfen, ebenfalls im Tricolore-Look.



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Product Description

1 Put the two C RIBBON pieces around the brake lever sleeves.

2 Wrap the ribbon around one end of the handlebar giving it a complete turn inward and letting it stick out by a few mm.

3 While stretching slightly, continue coiling the ribbon, wrapping it over the ribbon already applied. Cut excess ribbon and affix with adhesive tape.

4 Set the cap in position and repeat the process on the other end of the handlebar.


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